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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Life Saturates…

Probably this is the very first time I am writing my daily life story in English. Though it’s pretty much easy to express our feelings in the language we think, in the language we dream and in the language we are used to almost 80% of times.
Let me tell u something about life- basically my present lifestyle. It’s worth about taking classes in the university. It’s a great pleasure for me and also great ‘rahamath’ of Allah that I got a pretty good job after 15 days of my graduation. May be this was whimsical, this was fortunately or this was on the planned by the Almighty.
BTW it’s almost 1 years I have done with my job. Though it’s a great pleasure for me to taking programming classes, especially labs and basic electrical related classes, sometimes I feel lonely. Sometimes I feel I need to do something, sometimes I feel empty in myself.
Though I have had a great fascination for higher study abroad, and still I have, sometimes I am really confused about whether I will go abroad permanently of come back. I I think to be settled down there, this may be a great Idea but I think I am demotivated by some of my Colleagues about going abroad.
I don’t know which option will be good for me, going abroad or govt. job in BD, only Almighty Allah knows the best because he is the best of all planners and I think all things are happening in our life is programmed by him.
So I think I am not sure what I am dong or what is the destiny I am looking for, I am just going after my life. In the last three/four months, from December 2016 to May 2017 I spent much time in IELTS and I am looking forward to take the exam. But now I am taking preparation for the govt. jobs as it’s so valuable in our so called bloody foolish society. I wish one day it will be as easy for me as the admission tests in universities but still I have to go a long way. bUt it’s really a nightmare for me to go a long way in Dhaka to attend the job recruitment exams.
So I am going in a parallel way. I think there are many parallel paths in our life to reach in destination. We have to search every paths in which we have the greatest choice or opportunity we should go there. As example, medical or Engineering. I choose Engineering.
The most important thing is that I think I have no guardian to make the way. I am just going I my way. Abbu, Ammu and apu always tells me to do the best what can I do but I don’t know what I have to do.
The answer is what you have to do is what your 2/3 year seniors from KUET/BBUET are doing now. They may be my forefather.
I am enjoying my job but sometimes I am not feeling happy. Sometimes I am confuse what I should do? Sometimes indecision, sometimes stress sometimes anxiety sucks my life.  Sometimes I feel life is beautiful sometimes I feel it sucks.
Whatever it may be, peoples always says- “Life sucks” but I think whatever happens in my life is -“Life saturates..”.

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